Unite for Europe March, 25th March 2017

Leeds for Europe took a coach load of pro-Europeans to the Unite for Europe March. 
Here are our photos. 

  1. Unite for Europe March
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If you missed the march, watch the highlights here. 

Quotes of the day 

Teresa May has just made Nigel Farage look like a moderate

Tim Farron
Hold them to account for the sake of our children and grandchlidren 

​Nick Clegg
Yes Douglas Carswell has left UKIP but the problem is UKIP is now in the cabinet.  

David Lammy
We have a new expression in the English language for a pack of lies. It's 'written on the side of a bus'

​Richard Corbett MEP

When we are all here being addressed in Parliament Square by a tax lawyer we know we are in a very very bad way

Jolyon Maugham
Europe isn't just about trade agreements, it's about values

Emmy Van Deurzen