What Can I Do to Stop Brexit?

  1. JOIN
    Leeds for Europe for just £5/£2. Just go to our page 'Subscribe, Join, Donate'.
    at one of the demonstrations springing up all across the country, organised by groups like ours. Visible and noisy protests are an effective way of getting our message across.
  3. WRITE
    to your MP, parliamentary candidates or Members of the House of Lords. See www.writetothem.com for an easy way to do this.
    meetings and other events where our nation’s future is up for discussion. Be reasonable and try to persuade those with open minds that Brexit will be a disaster for the UK.
  5. VOTE
    for any candidate in any election – no matter which party they represent - if they give you a firm pledge to oppose Brexit in any way they can.
  6. SEND
    a letter or email to a local or national newspaper making the case for why we should stay in the EU.
    @LeedsEurope on Twitter or LIKE Leeds for Europe on Facebook.
    your family, friends and acquaintances that the fight is not over and that Brexit can be stopped.
    to Leeds for Europe. We need funds to pay for our campaigning activities, including room hire, leaflets, flags and banners etc. See our page 'Subscribe, Join, Donate'.
  10. SPREAD
    the word about Leeds for Europe and the many similar groups that are springing up all over the country.
  11. STAY
    informed about the case for Britain remaining in the EU & about the illegitimacy of the referendum result. Read The New European every week; if your newsagent doesn’t stock it currently - demand that they start!
  12. ARGUE
    our case on social media sites. Don’t let the Brexiters frame the debate and propagate their ‘alternative facts’. Challenge and reject their lies at every opportunity.
    anyone who you see or hear who is standing up for an open, tolerant Britain. Don’t let their views be drowned out by those who seek to quash all dissent.
    Leeds for Europe to find out more about our future plans and to find out how you can get involved in our campaign. Email: [email protected]
  15. DON'T
    be silent - remember that when politicians tell you to shut up, it’s time to start shouting!